The Growth of Private Prisons in California

  • richardmosslaw
  • May 22, 2015
  • It is no joke how full the prisons are getting especially in California. Many experts believe that private prisons are a not only a bad idea, but immoral. Inmates get mistreated and overcrowding becomes a big issue. These overcrowded prisons in California are not offering their inmates proper medical care which is part of the reason why fights will  break out and matters become violent. You cannot expect prisoners to act dignified when they are not treated like dignified human beings. They are being treated like animals so that is precisely how they will behave. Aside from the treatment of the prisoners, the entire concept of turning prison into a business, or the fact that private prisons benefit financially when their prisons are full as opposed to empty is a scary fact that permeates through American society.

    In regards to overcrowding, back in 2013 there was an order that gave Governor Jerry Brown an additional month to respond to a different court order that asked him to reduce the population of the prisons by 9,600.  It was the only way to get him to take immediate action. According to critics, the overcrowding in private prisons is a serious issue and there is no time for appeals. The court created a cap in the prison population to make sure that the inmates where getting the proper health care that they need. This becomes a safety issue because when there is overcrowding, there is simply not enough staff to take care of all of the prisoners, which in turn becomes a human rights issue.


    In order to deal with the overcrowding crisis, Gov. Brown was signing deals with out of state private prisons to hold some of his prisoners out of state. However, the court has stopped him from doing this as they feel it is an inhumane way to handle the situation. While private prisons continue to make a quick buck from another inmate rolling into their prisons, prisoners are suffering from like of medical health care and the government is losing control of the situation.

    There is a very strong prison guard union that is firing back with a campaign against people who run these private prisons. They want to tell the voters that these prisons are run poorly and this type of business takes jobs away from qualified union workers. These prison workers along with a number of other individuals believe that prisons should not be a for-profit system, and no one should benefit financially off of prisoners. They may be prisoners, but it is simply inhumane to not provide them with the proper food, medical care, and other necessities that they are going without.

    Most of these same individuals lost faith in Governor Brown when he signed a deal with the CCA prison for well over $28 million. This facility contains inmates from federal prisons and is run poorly, with too many prisons already residing there and being poorly cared for, according to critics.


    The debate goes back and forth with Democrats and Republicans.  According to the liberal argument, prisons should not be a way for businessmen to make a quick dollar. Either way, overcrowding in private prisons is a huge problem in California

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