Obama Supports Federal Effort to Send Away Criminal Immigrants

  • richardmosslaw
  • April 29, 2015
  • Many people have their eyebrows raised when they take the time to consider the idea of President Obama supporting the deportation of immigrants who are convicted of crimes. Apparently there was a program much like this one that was a total flop and gave programs like this a really bad name leaving a bad taste in the mouth of officials. They want this program to be presented in a lighter way with less bad tastes being left behind. The requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement preferred that jails hold onto immigrants until federal department officials could pick them up. This is something the new program is doing away with.

    While many experts say this is a much gentler and kinder version of the former program, it simply is not enough. Under this new program which is called the Priority Enforcement Program, jails and prisons will be told to make federal authorities aware when an individual is going to be released, so that federal agents can be ready to act. What makes this so much different than the previous program is that only individuals who have been convicted of crimes that are serious in nature will be specifically targeted.  In the past, less serious offenses would also sound the alarm, including drug possession of low amounts, and traffic citations, according to Placer County DUI Attorney Michael Rehm.


    Even though this is a much more effective way to handle things, there are still some people who are skeptical. There is currently a debate going on about whether or not everyone that is being arrested should be fingerprinted. This is due to the fact that this is a way that people could easily be deported who have not necessarily been convicted of any crimes. There is also a debate about who exactly will be targeted whether it be violent criminals or individuals who have committed no actual crimes but we brought into the United States illegally.

    No matter what President Obama says or does, there are always going to be people who are unsatisfied with the result. He has made plans to offer legal protection to illegal immigrants saying it would make the United States much safer by providing other resources to hunt down the real criminals. Individuals who work for immigration are saying that it may harder to get criminals if the officials in the local law enforcement have no plans to cooperate. While Obama’s plan does sound like a good idea, there are always downsides to every good plan. There is really no right or wrong way to go about it.


    Data has shown that over 58,000 of the requests were not in regards to hardened criminals. So the system is not working like it should. There is never going to be any system that makes everyone 100% satisfied. Whether it is the plan or the outcome of the plan, there will always be critics that make it sound inhumane or simply not good enough. The reality is, if the flaws in the system are able to be fixed, this is an excellent way to keep good people in the country and get the bad ones out.

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